Frit Mixes - For COE 96 and 104

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Go beyond ordinary color… to Dazzlings!™
These color mixes are made with COE 96 furnace glass and are used regularly throughout the industry with COE 104 glasses, because the color is more intense than most available COE 104 frit color palettes can offer. They have been scrupulously tested by lampworkers on Effetre clear, white, black and in some cases ivory, to assure just the right blend to achieve absolutely gorgeous results. The intensity of the hues means a little goes a long way! Once you try our Dazzlings!™ brand of frit palette, you will never go back to ordinary again!
Unleash your creativity and let your art be Dazzlings!™





Frit on Clear, Black White and ivory base beads.




Amethyst TN

Amethyst frit TN



Aquamarine TN

Aquamarine-March frit TN



Baby Blanket TN

Baby Blanket frit TN

Baby Blanket


Back to School TN1

Back to School frit

Back to School


Be the Cure TN

Be the Cure frit

Be the Cure


Beach Morning TN

Beach Morning frit TN

Beach Morning


Canyon Sunse TN

Canyon Sunse frit TN

Canyon Sunset


Caramel TN1




Cherry Blossom TN

Cherry Blossoms frit

Cherry Blossoms


Daffodil TN1

Daffodil frit



Dahlias TN

Dahlias frit TN



DorothysDress TN

Dorothys Dress frit

Dorothy's Dress


Dream Again TN

Dream Again frit TN

Dream Again


Dutch Gardens TN2

Dutch Gardens frit

Dutch Gardens


Easter Egg TN

Easter Egg frit TN

Easter Egg


Emerald City TN

Emerald City frit TN

Emerald City


Fall Leaves TN1

Fall Leaves frit TN

Fall Leaves


Fire in the Heart TN

Fire in the Heart frit TN

Fire In The Heart



I Love USA frit

I Love USA


Inspire TN

Inspire frit TN



Iris Garden TN

Iris Garden frit TN

Iris Garden


Johnny Jump Up TN

Johnny Jump Up frit TN

Johnny Jump Up


Journey TN

Journey frit TN



Lavender Lace TN

Lavender Lace frit TN

Lavender Lace


Midnight Sky TN

Midnight Sky frit TN

Midnight Sky


New Mexico TN

New Mexico frit TN

New Mexico


Ocean Waves TN

Ocean Waves frit TN

Ocean Waves


Pearl TN

Pearl frit TN



Peridot TN

Peridot frit TN



Purple Pansy TN

Purple Pansy frit TN

Purple Pansy


Raspberry Parfait TN

Raspberry Parfait frit TN

Raspberry Parfait


Red Dragon TN

Red Dragon frit TN

Red Dragon


Restful TN1




Rio TN

Rio Frit TN



Rose Garden TN

Rose Garden frit TN

Rose Garden


Ruby Slipper TN

Ruby Slipper fritTN

Ruby Slipper


Sapphire TN

Sapphire frit TN



Scarlet OHara TN

Scarlet OHara frit TN

Scarlet O'Hara


Shrubbery TN

Shrubbery frit TN



Spotted Leopard TN

Spotted Leopard frit TN

Spotted Leopard


Spring Fields TN

Spring Fields frit TN

Spring Fields


Teal Blue TN

Teal Blue frit TN

Teal Blue


Tie Dye TN

Tie Dye frit TN

Tie Dye


Topaz TN

Topaz frit TN



Tourmaline TN

Tourmaline frit TN



Tranquility TN1

Tranquility frit



Turquoise Green TN

Turquoise Green frit TN

Turquoise Green


Turquoise Stone TN

Turquoise Stone frit TN

Turquoise Stone


Vintage Teacup TN

Vintage Teacup frit TN

Victorian Teacup


Vintage Rose TN

Vintage Rose frit TN

Vintage Rose


Waterlily TN

Waterlily frit TN



Whispers TN1

Whispers frit



Wisteria TN

Wisteria frit TN



Yellow Brick Road TN

Yellow Brick Road frit TN

Yellow Brick Road


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