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Arrow Springs kits offer you the tools you need bundled together, all at a discount price. Included at no charge with your kit order, is our informative Tips & Tricks booklet with information on setup and lampworking techniques.

Need personal help connecting your torch and starting it for the first time? Give us a call at 1(800) 899-0689 and we will stay on the line and guide you through the entire process.

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Torch Kits
Tool Kits

Torch Kits

Add_To_CartHot Head Torch Kit
For Beginners

Hot Head Kit HYF TN
Hot Head Torch $39.95
Graphite Torch Pad $27.95
Hot Head Holder and Workstation $28.00
Triple Flint Spark Lighter $4.75
1-1  16 X 425 spacer
$100.70 Regular Price
$90.63 Kit Price
$10.07 Savings

If you've got the bug for lampworking,
but don't know enough about it to jump in with both feet, or perhaps you are on a tight budget, the Hot Head Torch Kit is for you. All you need to add is a MAPP Gas bottle, obtained from your local hardware store (usually for under $10.00), a few tools, and some glass rods. We recommend the Basic Beginning Tool Kit from this page, or shop the web site and get only the tools you want. In addition, one of the rod assortments, also available on this page, makes for an easy way to learn what your favorite colors will be.

For the more serious minded,
we also offer high performance oxygen mix torches. The Minor Burner and Mega Minor are two of the most popular torches that run on either propane or natural gas and oxygen, from either a bottle or concentrator/generator.

Using bottled oxygen or a concentrator?
As you can see, we offer the Torch Kits with both a propane regulator and oxygen regulator, or you can get the kit without the oxygen regulator if you choose to use an oxygen concentrator, also known as an oxygen generator.

Minor Burner Kit
Nortel Minor Burner B Fittings TN
Minor Burner $188.00
Graphite Torch Pad $27.95
x 12' BB Grade T Hose Set $43.00
Propane Regulator $148.00 US/$105.00 Import
Oxygen Regulator $148.00 US/$105.00 Import
Triple Flint Spark Lighter $4.75
1-1  16 X 425 spacer
Add_To_CartWith American Regulators
$559.70 Regular Price
$503.73 Kit Price Part # KIT-MINR-U2
$55.97 Savings

     Using an Oxygen Concentrator (Generator)Add_To_Cart
     Deduct the Oxygen Regulator
$411.70 Regular Price
     $370.53 Kit Price Part # KIT-MINR-U1
     $41.17 Savings

Add_To_CartWith Import Regulators
$441.70 Regular Price
$397.53 Kit Price Part # KIT-MINR-C2
$44.17 Savings

     Using an Oxygen Concentrator (Generator)Add_To_Cart
     Deduct the Oxygen Regulator
$352.70 Regular Price
     $317.43 Kit Price Part # KIT-MINR-C1
     $35.27 Savings

More Torch Kits

Make your own torch kit
A torch kit can contain any torch we offer, and we offer a very wide selection. Here is how it works. If you don't see the torch kit that you want listed, just give us a call at 1(800) 899-0689 and we will assemble it for you. A torch kit not shown must contain an oxygen mix torch, at least one regulator, a Graphite Torch Pad or similar, a Grade T Hose Set and a Triple Flint Spark Lighter. All of these items will receive a 10% discount from our list price, with a maximum discount of $50.00 for the torch.

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Tool Kits

Basic Beginning Tool Kit 1
ACE Light Filtering Eyewear $115.00
1 Dozen 1/16" x 12" Mandrels $8.00
2 Dozen 3/32" x 12" Mandrels $10.25 x 2 = $20.50
1 Dozen 1/8" x 12" Mandrels $13.00
Dip-n-Go Ultra Mandrel Release $8.00
2" x 4" Graphite Paddle $18.00
7" Angled Soft Point Tweezers $3.50
10" Blunt Tweezers $6.50
Stainless Steel Rake $6.00
Rod Rest, Small Hole $7.00
Rod Rest, Large Hole $7.00
Ceramic Fiber Blanket $10.00
Diamond Bead Hole Cleaner and Dresser $8.75
1-1  16 X 425 spacer
$231.25 Regular PriceAdd_To_Cart
$196.56 Kit Price Part # KIT-TOOL1
$34.69 Savings

Change the ACE Light Filtering Eyewear from the
Small Economy Frame ($115.00) to the larger and
more popular FitOver Frames ($148.00)

Adds $28.05
$264.25 Regular Price
$224.61 Kit Price Part # KIT-TOOL1LAdd_To_Cart
$39.64 Savings


Add_To_CartAdd-On Tool Kit 2
Sharon Shaper $6.00
Disk Nippers $25.00
BBQ Mashers $40.00
3/32" Tungsten Straight Rake/Poke $10.00
1" Tweezers Mashers $16.00
Frit and Powder Trough $10.95
Micro Mashers $3.50
1-1  16 X 425 spacer
$107.45 Regular Price
$91.33 Kit Price Part # KIT-TOOL2
$16.12 Savings


Add_To_CartAdd-On Tool Kit 3
Kim Cone and Vessel Shaper $35.00
Osibin Lentil Shaper $35.00
6-in-One Bead and Marble Mold $45.00
Greedy Grabbers, Long $16.95
Peters Tweezers $9.00
Graphite Stump Shaper $28.00
1-1  16 X 425 spacer
$175.95 Regular Price
$149.56 Kit Price Part # KIT-TOOL3
$26.39 Savings

Tool Kits
Arrow Springs Tool Kits are a great way to get going, and all at a great discount. The Basic Beginning Kit has everything you need for immediate success. The Add-On Tool Kits expand your tool selection, enabling you to perform more advanced lampworking techniques. Yes, we offer lots more tools than are in the Tool Kits, but what we have put into these kits are our most popular tools. Quality tools you can count on to assure your lampworking success. Instead of one big mega Tool Kit, we have broken it into three build upon kits so you can get the kit or kits you need now, when you need them, and still enjoy a great discount when you add to your tool box later.

About the light filtering eyewear
The ACE Light Filtering Eyewear for lampworking is available in a variety of frame sizes and styles, as well as filter lens options. The Basic Beginning Tool Kit comes with the standard ACE Lens in a Small Economy frame. This frame fits well for most people. If you require a larger size frame, or want to wear the your prescription eyewear under your ACE eyewear, we recommend substituting with the Fitover Frames instead. Cost difference is only $23.85 For other frame and lens options, including Clip-On Frames, please see the entire selection on the Eyewear page. We can modify the Basic Beginning Tool Kit with one of these other frame and eyewear choices, just call us at 1(800) 899-0689 to place the order.

The standard ACE lens is ideal for working soft glass, the glass most commonly used in lampworking. Hard glass, glass that is compatible with borosilicate glasses, like Pyrex, Glass Alchemy and Northstar, can also be lampworked using the standard ACE lens, if you are working clear and colors that do not glow too brightly. Many hard glass colors, and especially colors that are worked at high temperatures, produce so much bright light, that it is recommended that you use a light filtering lens with greater eye protection, such as Green ACE. The Hot Head Torch, and other similar torches, are only just hot enough to be used with soft glasses, such Effetre (Moretti).

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